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  • 1… PBL Photo tent 30″ x 30″ x 30″ complete with front shoot through panel. Complete with 4 backgrounds 1. black 1. white 1. Blue 1. Red
  • 4… PBL 150 watt high output photo fluorescent 5100K daylight bulbs equal 600 watts of tungsten light.
  • 4… PBL 7″ photo reflectors that maximize light intensity,12′ cords,on/off switches
  • 2… PBL light photo stands that extend up to 3′, metal tube construction, non-glare black finish.

YOU CANNOT PURCHASE A BETTER QUALITY 600 WATT 4 LIGHT 30″ PHOTO TENT ANYWHERE AT THIS PRICE. WE GUARANTEE IT.This is a professional PBL 4 light photo studio tent that will fit on a table top. We have these photo tents made for us by the world’s largest mfg. of photo tents, they are made to exact standards. These lights are designed to capture more detail in all your images, since the bulb output has more of the color spectrum compared to tungsten bulbs. You will get more detail in your images. If you sell on eBay or need professional photos for your web page, this is the set up for you. You will get shadow less photos the first time you use the photo tent with lights. Comes with 4 PBL pro high output special flicker-free photographic fluorescent bulbs 600 watts total. These bulbs are 5100K, and the bulb life is rated at 8000- 10,000 hours. These are fluorescent photo bulbs that are very easy to work with and will give you professional images with every shot. This kit is used for high production work and can be left on all day without heating up your environment. Leave your digital camera on daylight setting and you will get perfect photos with every shot. Now you can get the professional results you need the first time without wasting time. Watch your sales increase immediately. Compatible with all digital cameras.

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Written by nicholskaren15

May 22, 2013 at 1:22 am

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